Boat Enthusiasts’ Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to get your boat lover this holiday season? Here is our list of top ideas that are sure to please any boat enthusiast!

  Stocking Stuffers/Small gifts

          #2 carpenters pencils (they come in different size packaging)

          Clean non coated cotton shop rags

          Dust face masks           

          Disposable Nitrile Gloves

          Disposable painters paints and shirts or coveralls 

         Disposable Shoe Covers

         Chalk box


Good quality woodworking Block Planes ( Various different sizes)

         Quick insert screwdriver bit set/sets 

          Full/Half Mask Respirators (Better quality a must need/have for epoxy work)

         Razor Saw 


         Wood chisels

         Wood clamps


High amp cordless drill with extra battery packs (Having two drills is really handy. 

      Preferably variable speed and quick-release chuck and reversible)

     All in one cordless toolset 

      Circular saw (Trade/Branding name used to identify tool is Skill Saw)

      Handheld Power Planer

      Belt sander(80 grit belts get extras when you get sander)

     Orbital sander  

     Shop vacuum 


Table saw

        Band saw (not all band saws are equal you want at least a 14” with large table 

           and fence if possible) 



        Thickness planer

        Air compressor

       Multiple stationary shop packages 

In closing most, woodworking tools would make a good gift for a boat builder and of course, you can never go wrong with gift cards!  

Happy Shopping!

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