Financing The Build

There is one thing that every build has in common, no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned hobbyist. That one thing is money, everyone has to find a way to pay for that dream build. Unless you are independently wealthy or have a retirement nest egg to tap into, finding the funds to build your boat can be a bit of a struggle. Of course, you could just head down to your local bank or finance company and take out a loan, but if you are like me I don’t like debt. 

So here are five non-traditional ways to finance your build!

Find a Side Gig

The gig economy is booming and it is only going to continue to grow as our workforce shifts. Try picking up a few shifts a week with a company like Instacart and you will be surprised how quickly you can meet your goals.

Take Advantage of the Crypto Boom

You can take advantage of the crypto boom without actually buying and holding cryptocurrency. Outlet Finance allows you to fund short-term loans that are backed by cryptocurrency. This basically works like a savings account, you deposit your funds (which are insured up to $50,000) you receive an APR of 6+%. You can add or remove funds at any time just like a traditional savings account. This is a great way to take a small starter fund and quickly grow it. 

Play the Market (kind of)

Savings accounts are useless, none of them are currently growing faster than the rate of inflation. There is one option though that can still be somewhat lucrative, Money Markets. You can open an account with Marcus (backed by Goldman Sacs) and receive higher than average yields without the volatility of the actual stock market. 


Everyone has basic living expenses, so why not earn cash back on the purchases that you are going to make anyhow. This used to be a trick just for credit card users but not anymore, download the Dosh app and start collecting your share. Better yet combine this trick with one of the two above and you are basically playing with free money!


Have a yard sale, or a virtual sale, but turn the extra stuff laying around the house into cash. Chances are if you have not touched it in the last 90 days you do not need it!

These are just a few non-traditional ideas to get you going, remember you are only limited by your own lack of drive and imagination. Where there is a will, there is always a way!

The contents of this post are not intended to give financial advice, please always weigh the risks of any investments. This post contains affiliate links.